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Palekh miniature painting (Палехская миниатюра) is the most traditional and most sought after of the Russian miniaturist painting styles. It is done with tempera paints on lacquered boxes made of papier-mâché. While the lacquer art first appeared around 1923, its predecessors were icon painters, hence, during the era of Soviet Russia, Palekh was essentially sublimated iconography.
Bright tempera paints are used over a black background. The artists are known for their delicate and smooth design, abundance of golden shading, and accurate silhouettes of flattened figures. Tempera is a difficult medium in which to work and is unforgiving in its outcomes. Landscapes and architecture, and elongated proportions of the figures harken back to the icon painting traditions.

  • "St. George Warrior" [Palekh]

    "St. George Warrior" [Palekh]

    St George, Warrior (Святой Георгий, Воин). Standing in front of the Kremlin walls. In golden armor with lance, shield and quiver of arrows, i.e., ready for battle. Marked "Палех" and dated (1979). Beautifully done and seriously unusual and uncommon. Egg...

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    The Snow Maiden (Palekh 1961)

    The Snow Maiden (Palekh 1961)

    The Snow Maiden (Снегурочка). Palekh, 1961. A gem of a box that depicts the heroine of many Russian fairy tales standing amidst a garden to which she is bidding farewell. At the end of the story, in the spring, she disappears. She is dressed in a blue...

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    Ruslan and Ludmila Palekh Box (Руслан и Людмила) by Alexey Ivanovich Zaitsev

    Ruslan and Ludmila [Palekh]

    Ruslan and Ludmila (Руслан и Людмила). Alexey Ivanovich Zaitsev (Алексей Иванович Зайцев), Palekh, mid-20th century.  From 1937-1947 he studied at the Palekh Art School and was taught by prominent miniaturists, including Vakurov. After...

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