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Sergiev Posad (Zagorsk)

  • Kalinin Family

    Kalinin Family [Vintage]

    Kalinin Family. For a short time, just before break-up of the Soviet Union, the Kalinin dolls that were produced in a limited edition were of astonishingly fine quality. One of the subjects was this family doll which was a copy that was made, probably in...

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  • Silver Bogatyrs Matryoshka Doll

    Silver Bogatyrs Matryoshka Doll

    SOLD Bogatyrs (Богатыри). A fine example of wood carving for the helmets and armor, woodburning for the faces and painting for the details. Men sets are generally scarce. This one dates approximately from the early 1990's. Marked with title "Богатыри"...

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    Summer "Potal" Artistic Matryoshka Doll Pink

    Summer "Potal" Artistic Matryoshka Doll

    "Potal" Maidens from Sergiev Posad with a Summer Theme. Potal (Поталь) is a form of gold foil decoration (the foil is called Potal) that imitates gilding. In addition to the Potal, each doll is decorated with wood burning (pokerwork) and painted features...

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    Red Army Nesting Matryoshka Dolls

    Red Army Boy (Красная армия). An early entry into the collecting field of unusual nesting dolls from Sergiev Posad. Colorful and accurately depicted kids in the Red Army with sword, hobby horse, gun and flag. Dated 1992 and signed by the artist. 3...

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    Little Red Riding Hood Matryoshka Doll

    Little Red Riding Hood Matryoshka

    SOLD Little Red Riding Hood. Interesting paintings on this cute 5-nested doll from Sergiev Posad done in the "multiki" (cartoon) style. First comes brightly painted Little Red with picnic basket, followed by a dapper "Big Bad" wolf, the Hunter (or...

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  • Balalaika Maiden Counting Toy

    Balalaika Maiden Family Counting Dolls [SOLD]

    SOLD Maiden with Balalaika (Дева с Балалайкой) Family with Miniature Dolls. Vintage toy set has three miniatures. Fine detail and enhancements. Wood burning, pastel paints. Sergiev-Posad, circa 1998. 3¼" tall.